Wellness stops are located at intervals along the trail. They provide opportunities for your team to rest and refuel. While taking a break is an extremely important part of your event planning, make sure you keep an eye on the clock. Don’t spend too long at each stop, as it may put pressure on your team later in the day if you are getting close to the cut off times for each section.

Allied Health

Selected Wellness Stops will have allied health such as podiatry, massage and physiotherapy practitioners.


Re-hydrate with a complimentary cup of our favourite electrolyte replacement drink at each stop.

Check In & Out

We keep an eye on how you’re traveling, provide support, answer your questions and ensure your spirits remain high.

Cheer Squad

We’ll add a spring to your step with your own private cheer squad as we congratulate you completing the section.

First Aid

Qualified first aid staff will be present at each Wellness Stop to provide assistance if required.


Opportunity to purchase food and drink from local community groups or onsite businesses.


Keep your energy high with our GAH motivational playlist providing great atmosphere at each stop.


Fines will be issued by authorities for littering on the course. Please carry your rubbish and dispose it at next Wellness Stop.


Give your legs a chance to rest with ample seating and picnic rugs available at each stop.

Shade / Shelter

Shelters will be located at all Wellness Stops.  In the event of inclement weather, these will be increased to provide some respite from the elements.

Support Crew

Meet up with your support crew for food and drink supplies, and to change shoes or equipment.

Stretch Station

Mats & instructions to provide you with the opportunity to stretch out any tight muscles before the next section.


Including hand washing and hand sanitising facilities. Onsite cleaner to ensure frequency maintained.

Walker Swap

If your team is going to rotate walkers, this MUST be completed at a Wellness Stop and the swap recorded with event staff.


Water refill stations to ensure you carry enough water to get you through each section.