1 in 5 young Australians face a mental health challenge.

Professor Patrick McGorry, executive director of mental health organisation Orygen, described the mental health crisis brought on by COVID-19 as a “shadow pandemic” that is affecting young people more than any other age group.

“Young people have always borne the brunt for mental health, but the pandemic has disrupted their lives much more than any other age group,” he said.

We know that mental health can be positively influenced by moving more. The Australian Guidelines for Physical Activity recommend adolescents accumulate 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day as well as limiting screen time and breaking up long periods of sitting.

However, sometimes it’s hard to be motivated to move and lockdown doesn’t help.

It can be even harder for parents and carers to motivate the young people in their lives during these challenging times.

We’re therefore introduced the TOGETHER pass as a resource parents can use to help encourage the young people in their lives.

It allows for those aged 12 – 20 years to access the program and challenge at a significantly reduced rate when they are added onto an existing (or forming) Great Aussie Hike 30km team.

Having a challenge and a date incorporated will help considerably with motivation. This in turn will re-establish fitness and develop new habits after the effects of long periods in lockdown. The facilities included in the program training dashboard also allow for the recording of kilometres walked, allowing for short-term goals to be set and achieved.

Talking topics included in the program resources will provide prompts for parents and carers to be able to use time walking together to strengthen relationships and open channels of communication.


The TOGETHER pass can be added to 30km teams that have a minimum of 4 registered adults for only $25. This includes full access to the program and 30km fully supported team walking challenge.

A limit of 2 together passes per registered adult (so 8 per team of 4) applies.

  1. Team Captain registers and sets up team name
  2. Other team members register and join the team
  3. TOGETHER passes can be purchased via the same registration portal. Just click on the purple shape and use team name to link with adult.
  4. Print out the program and get started!


Yes, just follow the steps above and choose TOGETHER pass. Remember to include your team name to link registrations.

Please send us an email with your individual circumstances and we’ll evaluate and let you know.

Yes, you just need to organise how to meet up at the Crib Point Wellness Stop and walk the last 30km together. Please email us to organise this.

You may purchase 2 passes for every full paying adult member of your team. Should you require more than this, please email us details so we can discuss further with you.

Sure thing! In this case, you would add the costs of all the registrations together and divide between you. So if purchasing during our early bird sale period, the three registrations would be $125 + $25 + $25 = $175. Divide this by 3 people = $58.35 pp.

You just need to make sure that there are a minimum of 4 full paying members in your team before adding TOGETHER passes.