2020 and 2021 have been tough years.

The Great Aussie Hike has been specifically developed to give Aussies a tool they can use to help their mates. Something to follow up with after checking ‘Are you okay?’

Our program utilises evidence based treatment for depression and anxiety – exercise in nature, goal setting and human connection.


Exercise is GREAT for the brain. Studies show that for treating mild-moderate depression, exercise can be as effective as talking therapy and medication. Exercise helps with:

  • increasing levels of endorphins in the brain which have ‘mood-lifting’ properties.
  • increasing levels of serotonin that helps regulate mood, sleep, libido, appetite and other functions.
  • increasing energy levels.
  • improving self-esteem.
  • improving vitamin D intake (while exercising in nature) , which in turn helps ward off depression.


Goal setting can be an important step in recovery from mental illness. Goal setting helps with:

  • keeping a person motivated.
  • maintaining commitment to exercise long term.
  • building self-esteem as smaller goals are achieved and progress made towards larger goals.
  • obtaining a sense of achievement.


Human connection and face-to-face social interactions are far more powerful than phone calls and digital communication (Facebook, email) in helping ward off depression.

Research tells us that those who feel more connected to other people have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Studies show they also have higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others and are more trusting.