Visit our registration page here and follow the instructions. Collect your team’s information and then fill in the registration form via the link for the correct distance you would like to cover.

We are currently offering discounted VIP Early Bird Pricing.

Registrations are paid as a team fee by the team captain (reimbursed by team members).

Team Fees

30km teams (4 members)

  • New Year Sale – $620
  • Regular Price – $700

60km teams (5+ members)

  • Full Team New Year Sale – $880
  • Full Team Regular Price – $990

100km (6+ members)

  • Full Team New Year Sale – $1,152
  • Full Team Regular Price – $1,310

Booking Fees (INTIX)

1% + 25c

Transaction Fees (STRIPE payment processing)

1.75% + 30c

Are you an individual looking to join a team? Are you a team looking for extra members?

Check out the team vacancy page to read through the message board or add your own listing.

There are multiple options as to how your team will complete the course. Some teams will form a relay, others will have some team members walking the full distance and other just playing a support crew role.

As a result, the per person price will be different between teams. Therefore, the simplest way to set up the registration system is to:

  1. determine what amount each team member will pay.
  2. team members transfer money to team captain.
  3. team captain makes one payment on behalf of the team.

If you would like to register your team before all the money has been pooled, look at the instalment payment option.

We have just introduced a Individual Team Ticket option, this is for teams that would rather pay individually through the INTIX system. This way you don’t have the hassle of who transfers where, just get online and register, no need to delay beginning your training program.

  1. Team captain registers the team.
  2. In the payment window, select installment plan.
  3. Enter credit card details.
  4. Installment one is taken at time of registration.
  5. Credit card debited on two further occasions (all dates and amounts detailed in the booking site before finalising payment).

Please note, there are additional booking (INTIX – $5 per installment) and transaction fees (STRIPE – 30c per installment).

Make sure you follow the steps listed on the registration page. It’s very important that the team captain collects all the information prior to using the register button.

Anyone in the team can fill in the registration form and make payment.

HOWEVER, the team member whose details are listed on the first page of the registration (enter extra details like address, DOB) will be classified as the team captain.

If someone other than the team captain completes the registration process, just make sure to list the captain’s details on the first page.

Teams purchasing individual tickets will be prompted to advise their team captains name during the registration process.

We will collect a list of information (including medical details) for all team members at the end of February, 2021.

With the requirements for CoVID-19 Safe Events still evolving, there maybe additional information we require. We have therefore made the decision to collect further details closer to the team challenge so that participants do not have to go through the process twice. It also allows the most up-to-date medical information to be supplied.

Registrations are made as a team. Therefore if you have a team member who can no longer participate, as a team you need to find a replacement.

If the whole team would like to withdraw, there is no refund (refer to terms and conditions).

In the event that Step 3 – Team Challenge is cancelled by the organisers, there will be a 100% refund of the team fee*. Teams will still be able to complete Step 1 and 2 and utilise the TrainHeroic training app and program.

Note: full refunds due to cancellation does not include any 3rd party fees that may have been charged


We have a team vacancy board that you can register for. This will allow people looking for an extra team member to connect with you.
As the title suggests, you are taking a leadership role for your team.

You will help set up the team and get registered. It’s important that you then support all your team members and help them stay connected and completing the training program. We’ll also be providing you with activities to help the mindset of your team that you can complete while on the longer walking sessions together.

Closer to the team challenge, it will also be your responsibility to ensure all your team members complete required documentation (such as medial information forms), have the compulsory equipment and are ready to participate.

We understand that circumstances change, so are making it really easy to resolve these issues within your team.

Once you have found a replacement, just have the team captain email the details of the team member retiring along with the new team member to Make sure you include full name, email address and mobile number.


Upon completing registration, you will receive an email advising of how to access the training program.

General details on the training program can be found via our website and then learn how to download the app and how to use it here.

Check out on instructional video here. It is available on apple and android devices.

One of the primary aims of the Great Aussie Hike program is to connect people together. The hope would therefore be that most, if not all, training sessions were completed with at least one other member from your team.

If you are having trouble accessing the program, link up with a team mate and work through the sessions together.

Please send us an email to with details on the issue you’re having.

We’ll also be able to connect you with the Revolution PT team to answer anything we can’t help with.

The Great Aussie Hike is an endurance event. It is important to condition your body accordingly.

The program developed by the professionals at Revolution PT is a combination of cardio, strength and mobility sessions. This combination ensures that you develop the fitness levels required to walk long distances and that you build the strength in your joints and muscles to continue when fatigued. This is also very important to help with injury prevention as well.

It is important to remember that for those planning to walk the entire course, there is a huge mental component to completing the distance. The ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Conditioning your muscles and joints with strengthening and mobility training sessions will mean that you can walk further before the aching and pain becomes so great that you have to retire.

The program doesn’t require you to have any level of fitness before you begin.

If you are beginning with a low level of fitness, the amount of time before the team challenge date is the most important factor. Choose your distance accordingly or consider whether a relay team is a better fit instead of covering the entire distance if you have limited time. It’s also important to be committed to the training program and complete as much as possible.

If you already have a mid to high level of fitness, the time it will take you to prepare will be shorter.


V/Line offer services from Metro & Regional Victoria to Bairnsdale. To calculate your V/Line journey click here.

For the 60km & 100km teams, once you are in East Gippsland it is up to your team to find their way to the start line. This is why it is essential that someone in your team has a vehicle present, not only to drop you off at the starting line but also for the support crew to meet up with your team at each wellness stop.

For 30km teams, there will be shuttle services on Saturday running from Bairnsdale to the start line in Bruthen. More information on time and cost will be provided closer to the event. Vehicle owners can park in Bairnsdale at their own risk.

If you are doing the 100km we suggest staying at the Tostaree Cottages for the Thursday night, this is where Wellness Stop 2 is located. How good would that be? just being able to walk over to your cabin during your lunch break.

Otherwise, we suggest the following areas:

Thursday: Orbost or Marlo (approx. 10-15mins drive from starting line)

Friday: Lakes Entrance or Kalimna

Saturday: Bairnsdale

If you are doing the 60km challenge, we suggest the following areas:

Friday: Nowa Nowa or Tostaree Cottages (10min drive from starting line)

Saturday: Bairnsdale

If you are doing the 30km challenge, we suggest the following areas:

Friday: Bruthen or Bairnsdale*

Saturday: Bairnsdale

*Although Bruthen is a very beautiful town and we recommend staying there, there will be a shuttle bus running from Bairnsdale to Bruthen Friday morning. If you leave your car in Bairnsdale, this will save you from having to collect it later.

East Gippsland has an abundant of accommodation options. We have been speaking with a few of them and asked if they will offer flexible bookings (just in case!). You can find our flexible accommodation providers on our accommodation page.

Even though they have said yes to this service, we still suggest when booking, to confirm they are offering flexible bookings for Great Aussie Hike Participants.