As we adapt to our new normal in a CoVID-19 world, there will be a number of changes to the regular running of The Great Aussie Hike. We are taking an extremely conservative approach to ensure that participants, event crew and volunteers remain safe. We will continue to revise our plans in line with the advice of the Chief Health Medical Officer, the Victorian Government and the East Gippsland Shire Council and provide updates below.

Safety protocols will include:

CoVID-19 Safety Officer

Each site will have a dedicated professional COVID-19 Safety Officer who will ensure the safety plan is executed, cleaning is maintained and social distancing adhered to. They will also monitor numbers at each site.

Race Buffs

All team members (walkers + support crew) will receive a race buff. These can be used as a face covering when in populated areas such as start, finish, Wellness stops or interacting with first aid / event staff.

Start Line

The start lines will be adjusted to fall within the guidelines at the time of the event. One scenario could be having one team depart at a time to space out teams on course and at Wellness Stops.

Hand Sanitiser

Will be available at each Wellness Stop for participants to use on entry and exit to the site.

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be expected and enforced at all times while on the trail and at each Wellness Stop.

Extra Cleaning

Additional cleaners will be employed to increase the frequency of toilet and surface cleaning at all sites.


There will be changes to the traditional chopped up fruit and bowls of snake lollies provided for participants at each Wellness Stops. Please plan to be self sufficient for all your food requirements. We will advise if the situation changes.

First Aid

All first aid stations will be manned by qualified paramedics who will ensure very strict protocols will be employed through the event. They will also support the CoVID-19 Safety Officer to help maintain the safety plan at each site.


Additional toilets and hand washing facilities will be added at each Wellness Stop.

Support Crew

There will be changes to the access of Support Crew at Wellness Stops to ensure there is at a minimum of 4m2 per person at each location. This will include no access until your team is within 500m of stop and time limits during peak period. These guidelines will be implemented at the discretion of the CoVID-19 Safety Officer at each site.

Pre-Start Screenings

Temperature checks and questionnaires will be required to be completed by all participants, staff and volunteers. Anyone who is symptomatic will be required to provide a negative test result before continuing on course. Isolation rooms will also be located at each Wellness Stop should anyone become symptomatic during the event.

Finish Precinct

Our finish precinct may look quite different. Participants may have to collect their own medal, teams may have to leave site shortly after crossing finish line, there may be no hospitality tents. Our focus will be ensuring that all teams are celebrated – even if we have to get creative with how this is executed in 2021.