1. Each team must have the number of team members as specified by the Program selected.
    • For the 100km Program, there must be six members;
    • for 60km Program five members and
    • for 30km Program between four to six members.
  1. All 100km and 60km Program participants must be aged 18 years or over.
  2. For the 30km Program, participants must be aged 13 years or more and can only participate in a team that has a minimum of two people aged 18 years or over, one of whom must be the team captain.
  3. Participants aged less than 18 years must have provided written consent from their parent or legal guardian prior to the Team Challenge weekend and also be accompanied at all times by their parent, guardian or team captain. The parent or legal guardian will need to confirm that the participant has sufficient maturity, decision making skills and physical fitness to complete the Program and that the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for all actions taken by the participant during the Program.
  4. Teams can substitute team members up until the 28 February 2021 (subject to meeting the minimum age
    requirements). After this date, Footstep Events reserves the right to refuse any team changes if, in their opinion, the new team member does not have enough time to prepare for the Program. No substitutions may be made once a team has completed sign-in at the Team Challenge.
  5. You must consult a doctor about your participation if you have any concerns about your fitness level or potential underlying health conditions that may impact your ability to participate safely in the Program or Challenge.
  6. Participants must pass on any relevant and important medical information or health issue concerns to organisers and their team mates before the start of the Team Challenge.
  7. Teams must be aware of, and agree to complete each section within the time restrictions. This will require teams to maintain a minimum walking speed of 4km/hr and spend a maximum of 30 minutes resting between sections.
  8. For the 60km and 100km distances, strictly no more than four members per team on course for each section. Additional walkers will result in immediate disqualification.


  1. Walking team members must remain within 200m of each other while on course during each section. This will be monitored by roving marshals.
  2. Teams must arrive and depart each Wellness Stop together.
  3. Should a team member need to retire during the Team Challenge, where possible they must be brought to the nearest Wellness Stop for assistance. If the team member cannot be moved, one person from the team must stay with them while the remaining team members seek help. Under no circumstances is a team member to be left unattended.
  4. No team will be allowed to continue the course with less than three team members, unless they find another team who agrees to walk with them and stay within 200m of each other for the remainder of the course. The team also agrees to notify the Event Control Centre of this arrangement.
  5. Should an entire team retire from the course, the Event Organisers must be contacted before leaving the course using the phone number on the event bib.
  6. Only people wearing a visible race bib will be permitted in the Wellness Stop precincts. Family and friends are not permitted due to the required CoVID-19 restrictions.
  7. Time limits will apply to the time spent at each Wellness Stop to help manage CoVID-19 requirements. These must be strictly adhered to
  8. The trail will include several road crossings and short sections along roads to which all normal road rules apply.


  1. Each 60km and 100km team must have team members who act as support crew when not walking on course. to provide practical and emotional support throughout the Challenge.
  2. When acting as the support crew, the team member/s are responsible for transporting the team’s provisions, including food, changes of clothes, equipment and any necessary medication during the Team Challenge.
  3. Support crew are responsible for transporting walking team members to the start lines and collecting from finish points (including end of day 1 / start of day 2 for 100km teams) and to provide assistance at Wellness Stops along the trail. Support crew will also be responsible for transporting any members of the team that withdraw from the Team Challenge.
  4. Support crew vehicles must not exceed 2.5m wide x 5.5m length (the size of a 12-seater mini bus).
  5. A maximum of one support crew vehicle per team is allowed access to a Wellness Stop at any one point and only one vehicle passes will be issued per team.
  6. There is no towing allowed of other vehicles (such as trailers or caravans).
  7. Team members acting as support crew will be required to wear their race bibs at all times when entering or remaining within Wellness Stops and must adhere to time restrictions at each site.


  1. In case of emergency (eg – serious injury, breathing difficulty, bushfire) you must all 000.
  2. If you have a non-urgent medical issue, please contact the First Aid Team first (contact number on your bib) and they will assist.
  3. All participants must wear their event bib at all times and it must be visible from the front to allow your details to be accessed in the event of an emergency situation. This includes participants at Wellness Stops acting as support crew.
  4. During periods of night, astronomical twilight, nautical twilight and civil twilight all participants agree to wear a working head torch and a day/night hi-vis safety vest (that has reflective strips) that meets AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High-Visibility Safety Garments for Day/Night use. This includes participants on course and at Wellness Stops (including participants acting as support crew).
  5. Participants agree to carry a charged mobile phone that is turned on while on course and to provide this number to Event Organisers should the number be different to that provided during the registration process. Teams agree to carry a minimum of one battery pack per team on course.
  6. Participants will be required to adhere to all event rules, especially in relation to CoVID-19 Safety Plan, to ensure that the Team Challenge can be run. This will include, but not be limited to, wearing of face coverings where required, presenting for temperature checks, adhering to time guidelines and restrictions, maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitiser upon arrival and departure at each Wellness Stop, downloading of the CoVID-19 Safe App.
  7. Teams are required to carry a basic first aid kit (one per team) on course at all times This should include, but not be limited to, 2 triangular bandages, 2 heavy weight crepe bandages, disposable CPR mask, space blanket, band-aids, blister protection tape, mild pain relief, sunscreen and insect repellent.
  8. All team members are required to carry any personal medication in their own packs so that it stays with them personally at all times.
  9. Each participant is required to carry a minimum of two (2) litres of water. This must also be topped up at each of the Wellness Stops before leaving.
  10. Teams must be self-sufficient and carry a day pack that includes food to get you through the day. This should be topped up at Wellness Stops by support crew.
  11. Should your team be provided with a GPS Tracker, it is a requirement that it is carried by the team on course at all times. The team will accept responsibility for any lost, damaged or unreturned equipment.


  1. It is expected that entrants will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well upon themselves, their team, The Great Aussie Hike and Footstep Events. It is expected that participants show respect towards all Event officials, staff, volunteers, other participants and members of the general public.
  2. Participants must be alcohol and drug free whilst taking part in the Team Program. If Footstep Events reasonably believes that you are consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs during the Team Challenge,
    your team will be withdrawn from the Event.
  3. There is to be absolutely no smoking anywhere on the course, at the Wellness Stops, start or finish precincts.
  4. Participants are responsible for collecting/carrying their own litter and disposing of it correctly at each Wellness Stop.
  5. The Team Challenge is only possible due to the good will of landowners, the local council, and the region’s community. Participants must respect the natural environment and the land on which they are walking.
  6. No animals are allowed to accompany walkers on the trail, and are not allowed at Wellness Stops.
  7. Your participation in the Program and/or Team Challenge maybe cancelled if you:
    1. breach these rules or the Program Terms and Conditions;
    2. run the event without permission;
    3. behave in a way that is a risk to you or others;
    4. behave in a way that is inappropriate or offensive or in breach of the law;
    5. use illegal or performance enhancing drugs when undertaking any activity with The Great Aussie Hike;
    6. fail to accept the Terms and Conditions before participating.